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                                                                 Chef Syrena Johnson

Chef Johnson was 2011’s First John Besh Chefsmove! Scholarship recipient, 2012’s French Culinary Institute graduate and Dean’s list recipient; She was also 2014’s MAD grant recipient. She was flown to Copenhagen for a week for a intimate visit to Noma and to experience the MAD seminar. Only 15 people won from all around the world and she was the only American in attendance! Syrena has a long list of mentors from Leah Chase to Zella Palmer, Linda Green, and Howard Conyers. Syrena was also featured in the 2015 ABC Special KATRINA: 10 YEARS AFTER THE STORM with Robin Roberts. She has had the pleasure of cooking with Chef Besh in London and visiting Jamie Oliver's Fifteen.

Upon her return from Culinary school she was brought back to New Orlean’s Liberty’s Kitchen as a Chef Instructor. She has had the opportunity to give back to those kids who reminded her so much of herself.  She is teaching them the skills that she learned which will hopefully help them go far in their lives.

Throughout this journey she has made many media appearances, including being on WWOZ, Fox8, The Melissa Harris- Perry show, Roadtrip Nation, and Q93. She has also been in Food and Wine Magazine as well as Louisiana Cooking.

Chef Johnson’s future goals are to cater to the elite as well as the underprivileged. She will be chef to the stars and promote her culinary style on TV. It is also important that she continue motivational speaking by maintaining involvement and creation via youth driven programs. New Ideas are in the works, including apparel and web concepts! Stay tuned to Chef Syrena Johnson LLC as it continues to grow!

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